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David Lodge

David Lodge has voiced Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach and Jiraiya in Naruto. In animation, he provides the voice of Luxor in Tutenstein and Tenderheart Bear in the 2010s Care Bears cartoons. In video games, he voices a variety of roles, especially in World of Warcraft.

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In an industry without a loss of excellent talent, David is honored in 2018-19 to be working on a vast array of acting projects. Whether it is realistic characters in2019-20 Game of Thrones (NDA), Yarrow the Lead Freelancer in Anthem, Magnus the Russian Baby in Boss Baby! on Netflix, or main characters (Cid, Voyd, Wedge Kincaid, Vyv Dorden, Bahmut) in Final Fantasy -David is, as usual, mostly the chameleon actor -unrecognizable from one character to the next. (Ugh! How is that supposed to help your career?! Ha!)

It's not unusual to hear David voice multiple characters in the same game or animated projects and in 2019's Battle Wake Arcade Game-David is all four lead Pirate and Ghost voices. Animated movies include Son of Big Foot 2 where David voices a couple of key lead characters.(NDA!) And if you catch Goldie and Bear on Disney Jr.-well you'd be hard pressed to recognize David having a blast voicing several regulars.

In the last year and half-David is heard in thirty-two video games and a score of cartoons most NDA at this point in time. Needless to say however-many are high profile outlets and producers such as: Disney, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, WB, Activision, Nick, EA, Bioware, and more. ( Yes, Jiraiya the Toad Sage is busy!)

When it comes to Narration voice work-you'll hear his dramatic and noteworthy work in movie and game trailers. In Anthem, you'll hear him narrator the Fall of Freemark in powerful and emotional tones backed by fantastic visuals. (Play on You Tube- Fall of Freemark , Anthem.)



David will be appearing both Saturday and Sunday.  He will be doing 1 panel each day as well. Follow the schedule to find out exact times. 


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